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"If it's concerning flowers, whatever it is, let me hear about it."

Lisette (リシェット, Rishetto) is a bachelorette in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

She's a cheerful girl who works as Westown's florist. Due to her parent's influence, she became familiar with plants at a young age and enjoys gardening.

Because her parents spoiled her as a child, she can be ignorant of the ways of the world at times. She was actually a lonely girl when she was little because her parents were always too busy at work, but she mostly kept for herself as she didn't want to be a bother. Even now, she enjoys fairy-tales. She doesn't often leave Westown.[2]

Lisette is a strong believer of Harvest Goddess and she prays to the Goddess before every meals and before her bed time. She owns a black dog named "Phantom" back at her parents' place.


White Heart Event

Purple Heart Event

Light Blue Heart Event

Dark Blue Heart Event

Light Green Heart Event

note: player may now start dating the person.

Dark Green Heart Event

Yellow Heart Event

Orange Heart Event

Pink Heart Event

Red Heart Event


Wrapping: Cute Box, Cute Cloth, Cute Paper

Special Gift: (+1000 FP) Quiche (Pumpkin + Spinach + Cornmeal + Egg. Recipe is for sale a Garden Grill once Westown is Town Link Rank A, or after you cook 4000 dishes using your kitchen)

Loved Gifts: (+500 FP) Emerald, Herb Salad, Hydrangea, Mimosa Salad, Ocean Primrose, Peach, Peach Ice Cream, Peach Tart, Peach Tea

Liked Gifts: (+300 FP) Beach Vitex, Calla Lily, Egg +, Gentian, Green Fabrics, Herbs (Aloe, Basil, Mint, etc.), Hibiscus, Lemon, Orange, Morning Glory, Pink Carnation, Pulmeria, Silkie Egg, Spider Lily, Sunflower, Yellow Fabrics, White Fabrics

Hated Gift: (-1000 FP) Octopus Wasabi


  1. 花にまつわることなら、なんでも聞いてくださいね
  2. 花屋で働く、明るい性格の女の子。ガーデニングが趣味の両親の影響もあり、小さなころから植物に慣れ親しんできた。普通の家庭で不自由なく育ってきたため、やや世間知らずなところがある。趣味は編み物と手芸。今でもおとぎ話が好き。ウェスタウンからあまり外へ出歩かない。
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