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"First, you must have a plenty of grass when you raise livestock. Beginners should start off with chickens."

Owner of the Animal Shop, it is never stated which of Ellen's parents is his sibling.

The Livestock Dealer is a kind man who gives the player a lot of advice on how to take care of animals, such as reminding you to keep them inside when it rains. The first time you meet him he gives you one bag of grass seeds for free. In the winter when he is at the bar he notes that its a good time of year to work on building your relationship between you and your animals, noting before you marry that its a good time to befriend your love interest too.

After you have gotten married he occasionally reminds you to not argue with your wife and warns you she will not be pleased if you stay late at the bar.

The first time the player purchases a cow he will give them a bell for free.

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