Introduction: ""Hey, son! You have to have a meadow to buy livestock. Not only for cows but also for chickens. I have some grass left so use it to raise them. I'll bring it to your shed. Talk to me over the counter when you want to buy livestock." "First, you must have a plenty of grass when you raise livestock. Beginners should start off with chickens."


When Dialogue
Weekdays or Sundays (Spring, Summer, Fall) "It's tough to take care of cows. Take good care of them so that they do not get sick. My note is right there so read it carefully so you can avoid any diseases."

or "Hey, do your hens lay eggs? Put them in the cage. And feed them every day. They won't lay eggs for 3days after you miss a feeding."

Weekdays (Winter) "It's pretty hard to move cows as you intend. Well, it takes time and guts to do it properly. I'm now the cow master. I want to show you my bell skills."
At the Bar (Spring) "You know, cows give you more milk when you take good care of them with love. ..hey, are you listening to me? They will like you and good calves will be born ...listen to me, boy!"
At the Bar (Winter) "Winter is a good time to be friends with livestock. Well, with girls too."
Raining/Snowing "Hey, young boy! Put your livestock inside the pen before the weather gets worse!"


When Dialogue
Day Before Hurricane "Hey, son, the hurricane is getting near. Have you put your livestock in the pen?"

(Sure) "You know what to do even if you are young." (I forgot) "Are you an idiot? What are you doing here? Go home and put them in the penright now."

Day after Hurricane "Cows are simple. So don't keep them out on the ground when it rains, snows, and a hurricane comes."


When Dialogue
Day Before Egg Festival "I will win again at the Egg Festival tomorrow."
Egg Festival "I won't be beaten by those young kids."
Thanksgiving Festival "Yes, Ellen is a good cook and takes good care of the livestock. She is a nice and steady girl. Don't you think so?"
Day Before New Years Festival "Hey, the long winter is finally over. Animals looks so happy when springs comes too."

After the Player's Marriage

When Dialogue
At the Bar (Winter) "You got married and work harder. It's not a bad thing but she gets in a bad mood when you come home late."
Thanksgiving Festival "Are you getting along well with your wife? Don't argue, OK?"
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