Heart Lines

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  • 0 Hearts: "Seeds sold at shops are only those that can be planted in that season."
  • 1 Heart: "You can only grow vegetables in certain seasons, so be careful not to plant spring seeds in the middle of summer!"
  • 2 Hearts: "Be sure to plant seeds in tilled land. Don't plant them in the house."
  • 3 Hearts: "Use the watering can when drawing water! You won't mess up if you do it while pressing the R button."
  • 4 Hearts:  "Be sure not to plant so many seeds that you are not able to water everything."
  • 5 Hearts:  "Things like flowers and herbs grow fast. I think it's better to cultivate rather than looking all over the mountains for them!"
  • 6 Hearts:  "If you're tired have a good rest. It's okay to idle away at least one day!"
  • 7 Hearts: "The owner of the tool shop is a bit bashful, but raising Ann into such a good girl on his own... How admirable."
  • 8 Hearts: ""
  • 9 Hearts: ""
  • 10 Hearts: ""


  • Rainy day below 4 hearts: "Rainy days are kind of depressing, aren't they?"
  • Rainy day at least 4 hearts: "As for planting on days of heavy rain, some seeds will wash away. Be careful."

Other Lines

  • First meeting: "Welcome! Oh? Are you the new farm owner? I see, so your name is ____? I have a farm which I run with my daughter."
  • While shopping: "Welcome to my shop!♪ What are you in the market for?" 
  • When shown your baby: "Oh, how cute! Your child looks just like you, ___."
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