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The world of Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories consists of the following locations:


This is the area where you start the game. The Crossroads go West to Chestnut Town, North towards the Mountains and East to your farm.

Chestnut Town

Chestnut Town North

Chestnut Town South

Most of the Villagers live in town, with the exception of the traveling Minstrel Gilbert, who lives in a tent, and Brutus the Blacksmith, who lives in large Cabin. Both can be found to the north of the Crossroads.

Blacksmith House

Brutus, Tony and Jimmy live in the big house located north of the Crossroads near a lake. Gilbert's tent is also located in the area right above the lake where you can indulge in some very nice fishing.

Hot Springs

Go dip and recover your stamina (hearts) in this delightful hot spring found north of Brutus's house.


This is the only area in Seeds of Memories where the clock does not tick. You will need lots of food to replenish your stamina if you wish to dig all your way to level 100 and gain an extra heart on your heart counter!

Mountain Top


The Mountain Top is divided into three sections:

  • Left where you will find a huge boulder. (Befriend Andrea (SoM) to remove the boulder and open the path to Gorgan (SoM) God of the Underworld).
  • Center which is the home of the Spring Goddess.
  • Right where you will find nothing in the beginning. (Befriend Gilbert (SoM) to get the skytree seed from him, then go talk to Sam (SoM) so he can give you the Special Fertilizer. Once you have both come to this area and the skytree will lead you to the God of Harvest.)

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