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The log Cabin is your character's house in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. It is comprised of a single room in the first chapter, but more rooms are added to it as the game progresses.

Chapter One

The house only has one room, a bed, and a small TV. It also has a small run down kitchen in the right corner and a trash can next to that. Your diary is located next to your bed on the right side.

Chapter Two

A kitchen in a separate room and two bathrooms are added. The player now has a larger bed to sleep in, and the bed used in chapter one is now being used by the player's child. More furniture is added and the TV has more episodes of current shows to watch.

Chapter Three

A kid's room is now present.There is also a larger chimney, and the kitchen table's tablecloth will appear more worn. The TV begins to run the TV shopping network more often and more episodes of current shows are added.

Chapter Four

Your bedroom is much larger, also the child's room becomes littered with toys and other things your child has picked up over the years. TV reruns become more common in this chapter as many TV shows stop broadcasting. Your kitchen becomes a little messy and the tablecloth becomes more dusty. The house from the outside looks a lot larger than chapter three despite only adding a small amount of space. You also have a large carpet rug in the main bedroom.

Chapter Five

Your house gets a small upgrade. Your son's bedroom is also larger, the tablecloth in the kitchen now appears like it did in the second chapter (cleaner) and your character can trigger more events that go on inside the home. The TV has a few new episodes of some shows, but reruns are still most common.

Chapter Six

Your house does not undergo any major change, though your son has more trinkets inside his room and your bedroom appears a little larger. The player also will wind up spending more time here than on the farm because of their low stamina state in this chapter.

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