Louis's Tool Shop Hours

Louis's Tool Shop is a shop in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland.

Louis is the owner of Sugar Village's tool shop. He operates this store between 10am and 6pm everyday except for Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Here, the player can buy tools for caring for your animals, an upgraded sickle and a potion to recover your energy. Most importantly, Louis also sells some very specific items related to various endings in the game.

Louis will also buy all qualities of milk from your cows, ores and medicinal herbs.


Louis's Tool Shop
Item  Price
AP Medicine 1000g
Brush 300g
Milker 1800g
Super Sickle 4500g
Silk (for "Goddess Dress" ending) 3000g
Silver Fishing Rod (for "Fishy Story" ending) 4500g

Selling Prices

Item Price
Copper Ore 40g
Iron Ore 60g
Medicinal Herb 30g
Small Milk 150g
Medium Milk 200g
Large Milk 300g
Golden Milk 400g
Pontata Root 80g
Rare Metal 180g
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