• Rainy day below ?? hearts: "I don't get bored on rainy days."
  • Rainy day above ?? hearts: "I also have to take data for rainy days, so I'm grateful for rain."


  • When shown your baby: "____ huh? What a fine looking child."


  • Loves Line: "Oh, you really know what you are doing! Thank you. You're very nice!"
  • Likes Line: "Thank you. I'm very happy."
  • Neutral Line: 
  • Dislikes Line: 

Heart Lines

  • 0 hearts: "I go to the tool shop for my special research and experiments."
  • 1 heart: "I'm doing various experiments together with Ann, daughter of the tool shop owner. It's fun being able to hear some far out ideas."
  • 2 hearts: "I was in the countryside, so gathering various materials was tough. Here it's easier, being able to go into the caves."
  • 3 hearts: "Even if all fails, it's important to go on without getting discouraged. Ann doesn't lose heart and when I look at her I'm cheered up."
  • 4 hearts: "As for the cave, it seems that sometimes great treasures are unearthed. Even if that's not the case, it's fun for me because I like dark and narrow places."
  • 5 hearts: "There's the opinion that if things are too convenient, you become lazy, but I think it's fine because you can do other things, too."
  • 6 hearts: "I feel miserable when I'm forced to accept that I'm a weak person. But people grow strong by knowing their weaknesses. I've come to realize that this is a strength."
  • 7 hearts: "It all depends on frame of mind, doesn't it? I get really depressed when I mess up... I'd like to emulate Ann."
  • 8 hearts: "Uh, umm... what type of person do you like? I'm... short on physical strength but, um... I mean... I'm sorry, bye!"
  • 9/10 hearts: What I think of you I’m totally unable to come up with new inventions and such. It’s a problem. What should I do?
  • Accepted Proposal: "Wow, it’s a Blue Feather! What? Could this be for me? Whaaat?! Oh no. But, why?! Thank you. I also think you’re…umm I’m very happy."

Marriage Lines

  • "Good morning. Oh, that's right... we're married now... You're my wife. Uh, umm, what shall I call you? Then, then [name]... My wife... This will take time getting used to."
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