• "Good morning. I was pondering something. What is it you want?"
  • "Good morning! Let's hope today is full of challenges and surprises!"
  • "It's you, is it, ___? Here to discuss fruit? Or am I mistaken?"
  • "Hark, ___. Without the daylight hours, crops and fruits wouldn't grow, now would they So, what's your business?"


  • "What a full day! I"ll be sorry when it comes to an end."
  • "Hmm, don't you have any unusual crops or fruit? No...? If you know of any, tell me about them."
  • "Hmm, what am I doing, you ask? Can't you tell? I'm studying the plants in this area for any possible mutations, of course."
  • You live in Bluebell: "Is the fruit in your village any different from ours? You must show me some time."
  • When shown a wild animal: "These pests wreck havoc by eating my fruits! I loathe them!!!"
  • When shown a blue feather: "Ah... a blue feather! So you'll be getting married sooner than I? Intolerable!"
  • Spring/Summer: "This season is the best time of year for fruits. Seeing them grow is a joy."
  • Winter: "Winter is a bitter season for me, you know. Spring cannot come soon enough."
  • During a typhoon: "I worry that this accursed wind will harm my fruit trees."
  • After a typhoon: "Yesterday's weather did mischief here and there, but no major damage."
  • Snowstorm: "When so much snow falls, it makes caring for the orchard more burdensome."

At Yun's:

  • "I enjoy coming here on my days off. You should eat here too!"
  • "I usually cook for myself, but I can't make anything this good. Mmm, delicious!"
  • "Mmm, delicious! Just like my mother used to make it."

Flower Quotes

  • One flower: "Hmm, what's that? Do you want to hear about my work? No, I expect you don't. The masses never do."
  • Three flowers: "The more you study crops and fruits, the more fascinating they are. It's a great pleasure to see them grow and yield a full harvest."
  • Four flowers: "So you're growing a variety of crops? We farm the same way."
  • Five flowers: "Reina has good instincts as a scientist. I hope that she makes full use of her natural gifts."
  • Six flowers: "Come and see me any time if you have fruit questions. I can tell you are serious about your crops."
  • Seven flowers: "As a brilliant and innovative farmer, I have much in common with you. It is rare that I find a kindred spirit. May our friendship propser!"


  • Liked Gift: "What have we here? It seems you are familiar with my preferences. You have my thanks! I accept with gratitude."
  • Neutral: "So this is for me? I thank you."
  • Disliked: "Are you trying to annoy me? If you have something against me, state it openly."
  • Birthday Gift: "What have we here?! A birthday present! And a very fine one at that! You have my thanks!"


Cooking Festival

You live in Konohana and win:

  • "Your cooking could grace even a gourmet restaurant. Make it every day, please!"
  • "You were victorious! Your cooking was relished by everyone."
  • "___, congratulations! I consider the food you made to be superb!"

You live in Konohana and lose: "Defeated in the Cooking Festival...! What a disgrace!"

Music Festival

"I will sleep well tonight. I feel in good spirits."

Moon Viewing/New Years Festival

"When a festival is about to start, the air is electric. I can hardly wait!"

Flower Day Festival

"A flower for me? An odd thing for you to do."

A Festival Ends:

  • "That was amusing. Like a pleasant daydream."
  • "Hmm, what an exciting day! Did you have fun?"
  • "Now that was a good time. Didn't you think so?"

You live in Bluebell and come over on a festival day: "___, was it? You may look on, but be sure not to get in the way."

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