Male Farmers are a group of sub villagers in Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness.


This rancher likes to move about from the Forest, Mountain, and Original Inn. Before 9am he's in the forest, then the inn, and after noon he's on the Mountain path. At 6pm he's back at the inn.

Unlock: Have 4 or more Chickens and/or Chicks.

Likes: Tomato, Carrot, Eggs, Milk, Toy Flower, Junk Ore, Weeds, Small Fish

Dislikes: Potato, Corn, Eggplant, Peach, Apple, Fodder, Green Grass, Red Grass


He does not appear on the island until after 6pm, when he's on the Mountain and then at 9pm he moves to the Forest.

Unlock: Have 4 or more Cows and/or Sheep, any age.

Likes: Potato, Eggplant, Turnip, Pinkcat Flower, Milk, Eggs, Weeds, Purple Grass

Dislikes: Corn, Tomato, Carrot, Apple, Fodder, Toy Flower, Blue Grass


He spends most of his time outside, starting from the Mountain and moving to the Forest around 12pm. Then he goes to the Original Inn at 6pm.

Unlock: Use the Mayonnaise Maker 100 times.

Likes: Turnip, Fodder, Pinkcat Flower, Red Magicgrass Flower, Weeds, Milk, Blue Grass, Small Fish

Dislikes: Carrot, Potato, Shiitake, Moondrop Flower, Toy Flower, Orange Grass, Purple Grass


This fellow is the opposite of Buck; at 6pm he's in the Forest and at 9pm he is on the Mountain. Before 6pm, he is inside the Original Inn.

Unlock: Use the Cheese Maker 100 times.

Gifts Likes: Apple, Peach, Eggs, Moondrop Flower, Red Magicgrass Flower, Weed, Junk Ore, Medium Fish

Dislikes: Carrot, Corn, Milk, Small Fish, Blue Magicgrass Flower, Toy Flower, Green Grass, Blue Grass


He is on the Mountain until 12pm, and then goes to the Original Inn after that. 

Unlock: Use the Yogurt Maker 100 times.

Likes: Carrot, Tomato, Shiitake, Toy Flower, Weeds, Red Grass, Yellow Grass, Small Fish

Dislikes: Potato, Corn, Turnip, Eggplant, Junk Ore, Bird Feed, Blue Grass, Green Grass


This fellow doesn't spend any time at the inn. He'll be on the Mountain Summit until 3pm, then in the Forest, and after 6pm you won't find him at all.

Unlock: Use the Butter Maker 100 times.

Likes: Tomato, Turnip, Shiitake, Pinkcat Flower, Blue Grass, Green Grass, Red Grass, Stones

Dislikes: Peach, Apple, Eggplant, Fodder, Eggs, Milk, Junk Ore, Weeds, Small Fish


He will stay inside the Original Inn until 12pm, then move to the Mountain until 6pm, then back to the inn, and then to the Forest at 9pm.

Unlock: Use the Yarn Maker 100 times.

Likes: Corn, Tomato, Eggplant, Potato, Fodder, Junk Ore, Yellow Grass, Blue Grass

Dislikes: Peach, Turnip, Shiitake, Eggs, Milk, Pinkcat Flower, Toy Flower, Weeds

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