Gift Lines[1]

  • Loved Gift:
  • Liked Gift: "Why, thank you. You're so incredibly diligent. Oh, don't take me wrong. I mean it in a good way. Duke is such a pompous lump, a person like you stands out. Thank you...really."
  • Neutral Gift: "Thank you. Do you make a point of giving every villager their favorite thing? I mean, not everyone is happy with everything you give to them, so you should give them different things and watch their expressions. They may hesitate to tell you what they really feel, but you can read it in their faces. For example, my expression now is a 'normal' expression."
  • Disliked Gift:
  • Hated Gift: "Oh my, what is this? I like you, (your name, so I don't mind whatever you do...but other people may get angry. Be careful because the villagers here don't take jokes like this very well."
  • When given jewelry: "For me? Are you sure? Where did you...oh, the blacksmith Saibara made it for you. If that guy makes things like this too that means I could...what? I'd have to bring my own stone? Then that old man charges a lot. Oh, he's so full of himself! His own son asked him to come and live and he said he wanted to stay here!...but now his grandchild...I guess things are OK."
  • When given a birthday gift: "A birthday gift for me? You're such a wonderful person! Compared to you, my husband is a... Let me tell you what will happen. Duke will completely forget about my birthday and go drinking at the bar. Then he'll remember tomorrow. 'Oops,' he'll say. 'Yesterday was Manna's birthday!' He'll rush to the supermarket... even though it's closed on Tuesdays... and tell Jeff, 'Make some kind of gift from the goods in the shop!' Then he'll give me the gift as if he'd been planning it since yesterday. And the gift? I'll return it. He won't remember what it is, so he won't realize that I took it back."


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