Maple Lake District is one of the main districts in the game Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. In the centre of this district you can find Maple Lake, where you can fish if you want to. You'll be able to access this district from the beginning of the game.

What you can find

Maple Lake District is a residential area, where you can find mostly houses. Some of the characters live there. Some houses won't appear from the beginning, you'll have to wait until some characters move to the island and build their houses there. There are no shops.

You'll also find one of the trees where the Harvest Sprites sleep. The sprite named Ben lives here.

So, in a nutshell, this is what you can find in the Maple Lake District:

  • The temple, where the weddings take place.
  • The graveyard, where your dead animals will be buried and where you can meet Mira if you go in a sunny morning.
  • Mira's house. You'll find recipes if you visit her kitchen.
  • Toby's house.
  • Chase's house (when he moves in). You'll find recipes if you visit his kitchen.
  • Calvin's house (when he moves in).
  • Gray's house (when he moves in).
  • Ben's tree.

Fishing in the lake

It's possible to fish in the lake. You can get certain types of freshwater fish in there.

This is the complete list of fish you can get here. (Source: GameFAQs)

Crawfish X X X 20G
Redfin X X X X 30G
Pond Smelt X X X 30G
Catfish X X X X 80G
Carp X X X X 120G
Freshwater prawn X X X 150G
Eel X X X 600G
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