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Marcia Banks is a character in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

She is an upbeat and spunky young girl who you meet very early on in the game at her grandfather Gayak's house. She is arguably one of your best friends (if not your only friend) and is one of the only villagers who is initially friendly towards Life Grain upon his arrival. She initially believes that Life Grain is a human relative of the professor's, but when she finds out that he's a robot, she still accepts him.

She and Million show Life Grain around town after his first week at the Easter Ruins is finished. She also gives the player their first few bags of asparagus seeds. Marcia is a lover of animals but cannot have pets of her own, due to her dad being allergic to cats and dogs. There is an event after the Spring Festival where Marcia tells Life Grain about a stray cat in the forest behind the Easter Ruins.

She doesn't seem to like her own house very much and prefers spending time at her grandparent's. Unlike most young people on the island, she prefers the old fashioned way of farming rather than the auto farming techniques that are currently being used.

She attends school during the day, spends time with her friend Becky on Tuesday nights and spends Saturday nights at her grandparent's. After staying the night at her grandparents, she will usually spend Sundays there as well.

Lionel has a crush on Marcia, which she is completely unaware of. She is one of the only people besides Life Grain who can see the Nature Sprites.

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