"Even though there's a lot of people here, this weather is ideal for fishing."

Marco (マルコ Maruko) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

After handing over the restaurant's management to his grandson and his wife, Marco spends his day doing whatever he likes. Since he likes fishing, in the afternoon he goes to Westown's river with Megan to enjoy fishing. He can often be found at the restaurant or the river.[2]


Gift Preferences
Loved "Oh! ______! I have such a weakness for these. They're a favorite. Thank you"
Black Bass, Tiger Prawn


  1. 者くてたまらんが、絶好の釣り日和じゃわい。
  2. 経営するレストランを孫夫婦にゆずり、気ままな毎日を過ごしているおじいちゃん。魚釣りが好きで、午後はメーガンと一緒にウェスタウンの川で魚釣りを楽しんでいる。レストランや川にいることが多い。
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