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Marco Banks is a character in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

Marco is a businessman who is head of the Banks Corporation. The corporation supplies advanced equipment and appliances to the inhabitants of the island. As such, he is also an inventor himself.

There is a lot of tension between Marco and his daughter Marcia. Marcia much prefers the old fashioned way of farming by hand while Marco insists that auto farming and technology is the way of the future. He doesn't believe in anything except for what he believes to be scientific fact. He is opposed to the manual labor way of farming that is practiced by his father Gayak and Life Grain. He is allergic to both dogs and cats.

He is close to the mayor and his family, as they all have similar views on what is best for Volcano Town. Marco can be seen drinking with Charles at Masami's bar at night. 

Marco has his own plan to save the volcano from erupting and believes that his method will be much more effective than Life Grain's manual farming. His plan involves creating a super coolant in order to cool the volcano down to stop it from erupting. His plan ends up backfiring, and his coolant leaks, creating a  gas that Life Grain must work to get rid of. Marco is thankful for Life Grain's help once he clears the gas, and he will make upgrades to your Battlebot.

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