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Margot(マルゴットMarugotto) is a character in Story of Seasons.

Since she has no confidence in herself, she puts her confidence in her son Lutz, being a stringent education mom who expects too much from him. Though she harbours a strong interest in her son, she will often regard her husband as timid and useless. Though she can be harsh towards him, she really does love him from the bottom of her heart.


Gift Preferences
Special Quiche
Loved Regular Items: Blue Suffolk Cloth +, Black Suffolk Cloth +, Bl. Alpaca-Wl. Cloth +, Bk. Alpaca-Wl. Cloth +, Bl. Rabbit-Fur Cloth +, Bk. Rabbit-Fur Cloth +

Cooked Dishes: Bouillabaisse, Borscht, Paella

Liked Regular Items: Gentian, Blue Rose, Zebu Herb Cheese +, Zebu Fruit Yogurt +, Blue Cloth, Black Cloth, Blue Cloth +, Black Cloth +, Blue Suffolk Cloth, Black Suffolk Cloth, Bl. Alpaca-Wool Cloth, Bk. Alpaca-Wl. Cloth, Blue Rabbit-Fur Cloth, Black Rabbit-Fur Cloth, Spring Crush, Autumn Twilight

Cooked Dishes: Mashed Potatoes, Pumpkin Salad, Burdock Root Salad, Classy Carpaccio, Kimchi, Potato Plum Salad, Corn Potage, Carrot Soup, Vichyssoise, Clam Chowder, Fish Chowder, Sturgeon Soup, Mitten Crab Soup, Potato Pancakes, Chop Suey, Terrine, Gratin, Pizza, Sauteed Lotus Root, Tofu Hamburger, Shrimp Chili, Pot Sticker, Cabbage Rolls, Shredded Radish, Boiled Lotus Root, Pot-au-Feu, Stew, Egg Custard, Croquette, Pumpkin Croquette, Cream Croquette, Spring Roll, Fried Lotus Root, Red King Crab Stew, Turtle Stew, Puffer Stew, Doria, Pumpkin Doria, Risotto, Tomato Risotto, Chestnut Rice, Seafood Omelet Rice, Curry Rice, Eel Rice Bowl, Walnut Bread, Vegetable Bread, Basil Cheese Bread, Sakura Pasta, Penne all'Arrabbiata, Carbonara, Lasagna, Genovese Pasta, Pescatora, Candied Sweet Potato, Macaron, all pies (except for Mushroom Pie), Fruit Gratin, Mont Blanc,, Vegetable Cake, Shortcake, Mille-Feuille, Pineapple Cake, Watermelon Tart, Lemon Tart, Muscat Tart, Jelly Roll, Mango Cake, Grape Cake, Melon Cake, Lemon Cake, Muscat Cake, Chocolate Cake, Apricot Cake, Soy Milk Cake, Chocolate Cookie, Soy Milk Cookie, all puddings, all ice creams (except for Watermelon Sherbet, Kiwi Sherbet, Lemon Sherbet, Mushroom Ice Cream, Fish Ice Cream, and Soy Milk Ice Cream), all teas

Neutral All items not listed
Disliked Regular Items: Fertilizer, Special Fertilizer, Fodder, all mushrooms (except for Poison Mushroom), all dried mushrooms (except for Dried Poison Mush.), Sea Urchin, Cat Essence, Dog Essence, Animal Magnetism, Chicken Feed, Pet Food, Rabbit Feed, all treats, Pebble, Rock, Scrap Ore, Old Clay Doll, Ancient Fish Fossil, Weeds, Snowball, Ice, Venus Comb Murex, Empty Can, Honeycomb

Fishes: Bluegill, Small Willowfish, Small Trout, Killifish, Small Cherry Trout, Small Crucian Carp, Sculpin, Small Carp, Loach, Small Loach, Goby, Small Goby, Flying Fish, Minnow, Crucian Carp, Black Bass, Large Crucian Carp, Snakehead, Ocean Sunfish, Moray Eel, Large Snakehead, Lake Prawn, Marsh Shrimp, Alligator Gar, Arowana, Softshell Turtle, Ray, Catfish, Koi
Critters: all critters
Cooked Dishes: Mushroom Soup, Mushroom Rice, Mushroom Spaghetti, Mushroom Ice Cream

Hated Regular Items: all baits, all mushroom seeds, Poison Mushroom, Dried Poison Mush., Fish Feed, Fish Bone, Manure

Cooked Dishes: Roasted Mushrooms, Mushroom Pie

Horror Mushroom Salad

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