Maria is a character in Harvest Moon GB.

She is the Mayor's daughter. Maria works at the Church in town. She is able to tell you your fortune. The Church is also where the player character can pray to the Harvest Goddess.


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1 Spring (Year Two and Every Year Onward)

Starting on the first day of each new year, Maria will come by your farm to wish you a Happy New Year.

Sanctuary for Maria

One morning you will awaken to find Maria standing at the entrance to your farm. She begs you to let her stay for a few nights. If you agree, she enters your house and stands beside your dining room table for a total of four days. On the fourth day her father, the Mayor, comes to your house to beg his daughter to come home.

It is then revealed that the reason Maria ran away was because her father had arranged a marriage for her. She tells him that she's not ready to get married! Seeing that Maria is refusing to budge, the Mayor finally relents and offers to talk about it if Maria comes home. He then leaves the house with Maria in tow. Before she returns to town she stops and thanks you for letting her stay.


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