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This article is about Maria, a character from Harvest Moon. You may be looking for Maria in other appearances throughout the series.

Maria (マリア, Maria) is one of the eligible brides in Harvest Moon.

She is the Mayor's daughter and can be generally found in or around the church. She is a religious girl who spends a lot of time at church and doing other quiet activities like reading. 

You can find Maria's diary on the bedside table in her bedroom, located in the Mayor's mansion.


  • Weekdays: Sweeping outside the church.
  • Saturday/Sunday: At the Church. 
  • Rain/Snow: in her bedroom, upstairs (at the Mayor's mansion)


Gift Preferences
Loved Wild Grapes, Green or Violet Perfume, Flowers (except Moondrop Flower), Summer Fruit, Mushroom, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Turnips, Corn, Moon Flowers, Eggs, Milk
Liked Fish, Cave herbs, Fodder, Fullmoon Berry
Neutral Poisonous Mushrooms


  • Flower Festival: Speak to Maria before anyone else to get an affection bonus. Lilac perfume will raise her affection level. Choosing to dance with her will also give you an affection bonus.
  • Harvest Festival: Answer Maria's questions correctly to win points with her, and once again choosing her as your dancing partner will give you an affection bonus.
  • Star Night Festival: Maria can be found at the church. Watching the stars with her will give you an affection bonus.

Special Events

At some point in the game; the Mayor will come to your house (on your farm) and tells you that his daughter, Maria is missing and the Mayor thinks she ran away from the mansion for some reason and asks you to find her.

It may take several days (you will not be able to find her on the weekends) since you need to find her before 5pm. Once you visit the Carpenter's Shop; you will see that the carpenter and his apprentice will attempt try to conceal Maria's presence, but Maria will appear and explain why she ran away to you before heading back to her father's mansion.

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