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This article is about Mark, a character from Doraemon: Story of Seasons. You may be looking for Mark, a playable character throughout the series..

Mark is a character in Doraemon: Story of Seasons.


(Gennie's husband and Jemma's father. Originally living in another town, he came to "Shizen Town" in search of legendary creature Koropokkur. Got married and decided to work in a general store, but still obsess to searching for Koropokkur.)

General Store/Harvest Sprite event

Chapter 1 "Who's This?"

  • Mark 2❤︎
  • Buy some item from General Store

Chapter 2 "Working Gennie"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 3❤︎
  • Go to East Natura at 3PM

Chapter 3 "The Search"

  • Go to East Natura at 12PM~4PM

Chapter 4 "Jemma's Heart"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 4❤︎
  • Go to Gennie's House at 11PM

Chapter 5 "Mark's Heart"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 5❤︎
  • Go to East Natura at 11AM

Chapter 6 "Gennie's Heart"

  • Go to General Store at 3PM

Chapter 7 "Kid Meeting"

  • Go to Harappa Square at 7AM

Chapter 8 "Store Help"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 6❤︎
  • The day after you finish Big Tree event Chapter 11

Chapter 9 "Passing It On"

  • Mark, Jemma 9❤︎ | Gennie 7❤︎
  • Go to East Natura at 7AM

Chapter 10 "First Step"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 10❤︎
  • Go to East Natura at 7AM

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