Romance is the romantic interaction between characters in Harvest Moon 64. The primary romance is between the player character and his chosen partner: one of the five bachelorettes. If the player does not pursue a bachelorette, the bachelor who is interested in her may court her and eventually marry her.

Romance Basics

Romance is based on affection values. A relationship between the player character and a bachelorette is based on that bachelorette's affection: the higher it grows, the more she will like you. Affection is raised in much the same way as with other villagers: conversing and gift-giving. However, a relationship with a bachelorette has additional features.

Heart Levels

A small heart appears in the lower right corner of the dialogue box when speaking with a bachelorette. Its color indicates roughly how much that bachelorette likes the player. The colors and their affection ranges are as follows:

  • White: 0-51
  • Blue: 52-102
  • Green: 103-153
  • Yellow: 154-204
  • Pink: 205-255


When bachelorettes reach certain affection levels, they may trigger special events. The following three are significant, and common across the five bachelorettes, but there are more girl-specific events that have a smaller impact.


After the player goes to bed, he will have a dream about his childhood, in which he was playing with a girl while visiting his grandfather's farm. The following day, if the player goes and finds the bachelorette he is courting, an event will commence in which they reconnect and replay the event of their childhood.


The bachelorette may become sick. If the player goes to visit her, this is the only opportunity to see inside the girl's bedroom.

Sprained Ankle

The bachelorette may sprain her ankle. If the player finds her, he will be given the choice to either go for help or to carry her home. Carrying her home will have a more positive effect on her affection.


There are five bachelors that compete with the player character for the bachelorettes. Each bachelor is interested in one of the girls. Like courting a bachelorette, the romance of the bachelors depends on affection values; however, bachelors will advance in their relationships because of their affection with the player character. Becoming better friends with bachelors will cause them to court their love interests.

If you are courting a bachelorette and becoming friends with the bachelor who is interested in her at the same time, he will not actively court her as long as you are single. So long as you are pursuing a girl actively, there is little risk that she will marry off.

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