Like many Harvest Moon games, Magical Melody has marriage available as a feature. There are also a variety of different potential spouses for each gender. Once you have your eyes set on that special somebody, you will have to meet the requirements in order to get married.


  • Large Bed

Heart Level

To get a heart level of 8 hearts, you must impress the bachelor or bachelorette that you're wanting to marry. Each person has a list of gifts that they love, like, or dislike. The best way to raise heart levels is to give the bachelor or bachelorette their favorite gifts. A detailed list can be found on each person's individual page. (See Gina as an example). Only 8 hearts are necessary, but you can always raise the hearts to 10 if you see fit.

Large Bed

To get the Big Bed, you must first upgrade the size of your home. Upgrade the first house that you have in the game (because you may have multiple homes) up to level 3. Once your house is upgraded, the Big Bed will appear at Woody's shop. For to it to appear, you have to have at least one heart of friendship with Woody, Kurt, or Joe. This goes for both genders.

Blue Feather

Getting the Blue Feather will most likely be the last step in the process, as it only appears after you've gotten that special someone to 8 hearts, and after getting the Big Bed.

Theodore will knock on your door early in the morning. He will invite you to go rock climbing, and you will automatically appear in the mountain area. He will go on to tell you the legend of the blue bird, who supposedly drops a beautiful feather. Theodore wishes you luck in finding the feather, as he would like to see you get married to somebody in the village.

The player can then choose to do the mini game. The player must climb up the mountain, avoiding gusts of wind and rocks along the way. Once you reach the top, you will recieve the Blue Feather. This is the engagement ring of Harvest Moon. Once you think you've met all of the other requirements, and you're ready to get married, present it to the marriage candidate and they should accept your proposal.

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