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Martin is one of the fishermen on the archipelago. He lives across from Gannon's shop on Sprout Island.

Martin does not move around much, so you can find him in the early morning outside his door, inside the cafe later in the morning, and then back to fishing by his house. After 3:00 PM, Martin will go back inside his house; if the day is not rainy, he may venture back outside to fish around 8:00 PM.

When you are given a cat by Mirabelle, the cat you do not choose will end up living with Martin. As you raise your friendship with him, the number of cats he has inside his house will multiply. If you are at max friendship (10 hearts) then Martin will have 10 cats wandering around his room. You can pick up the cats, but can't take them out of his house.



  • First Meeting: "Hi, I'm Martin, and I love fishing. Nice to meet ya!"
  • Morning: "Mornin'! I love fishing early in the day! The sea breeze really wakes you up!"
  • Afternoon: "Hey, how you been? If you ever tire of the ranch, come fishing with me sometime!"
  • Evening: "Hey! Having fun fishing? Some fish can only be caught at night, so keep trying!"
  • "I'm gettin' excited just thinking of all the fish waitin' for me out there!"
  • At the cafe: "A body needs more than fish. You need vegetables! Like a salad!"
  • After a blizzard: "That snowstorm yesterday was huge! The waves are rough, so be careful not to fall in!"
  • When shown your dog: "Whew! Up close, it isn't cute at all! But thanks anyways."
  • When shown your cat: "It's adorable! I love it!"
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "I wonder when I'll get an answer to my proposal... Be careful not to end up like me!"
  • Giving a Sun Stone (Gifts): "Oh, thanks again. I am in your debt. By the way, I heard you're looking for some kinda stone. I fished out somethin' like that. If you want, I'll give it to you."
  • Giving a Sun Stone (Friendship): "Hey, [player]. Guess what? I fished out a treasure chest the other day! I think there's a Sun Stone inside. It's no use to me, so if you want it, it's yours."
  • Loved Gift: "Hey! This is one of my favorites! How considerate of you. Thanks!"
  • "Fishing at sea is good, but rivers aren't bad, either. I think Sunny Island has some."
  • "These days I cook what I catch! Man, this is the life!"


  • If you have 7 hearts with Martin, he will give you a present if you speak to him on your birthday. There are three different presents available, depending on the year. He will give you either Sashimi Bowl (Year 1), Fish Sticks (Year 2) or Simmered Fish (Year 3). These gifts will continue in a set rotation every three years.[1]


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