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Masami is a character in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

She is the mother of Million and wife of Gallion. She operates the bar in town, which is open most nights. Because she works late, Masami is often found sleeping at home late into the day.

On weekends, Lenny takes Masami's place at the bar so that she can teach classes to the adults of Volcano Town. On Saturdays, she does a flower arranging class and on Sundays she teaches a poetry class. In the evenings after teaching, she is found at home. If you speak to Masami at the bar, she will often give you updates on upcoming festivals and other events. 

If you level up your first watering can to its second level, you can then speak to Masami who will give you the upgraded "Weird Watering Can". During Summer of your first year, Masami will give you a Red Jewel in hopes that it can be used to find crest of the Water Spirit.

During the Winter season, Masami will request that Life grows and ships twenty poinsettas in time for the Christmas Party.  

It is revealed that Masami is a descendant of the Easter people who have lived on Heartflame Islands for generations. She knows a great deal about the nature spirits and has concerns about the Fire Spirit's anger blowing up the island's volcano.

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