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Matt (マオ Mao) is a character in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. He is the son of Toby and Renee if they married.

Matt is gentle and soft-spoken. An earth-saver just like his parents, he dreams of preserving the cleanliness of the different places in the town and if possible wants to make them a better place.

He loves the outdoors, and can often be seen outside. He cares a lot about nature and lives up to his dream. He is often seen fishing off of the Flute Fields bridge.

Matt's Birth

He will first appear two weeks after you trigger Renee and Toby's marriage ceremony and the sequence of rival events that occur before they both decide to get married. You'll get a letter in your mail from Toby and Renee.[1] They have a baby boy, and ask you to come and visit them to meet him.

Go to Horn Ranch, and enter the house. The scene will play where you will be introduced to the newborn baby, Matt. Because it's not part of your family, you cannot do anything with Matt. You can neither pick him up, talk to him, nor give him gifts. Matt will remain in this stage for two more weeks before he grows up.

Matt (Grown Up)


Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Toby & Renee - Matt (Grown)"

Two weeks after Matt is born and you've visited Toby and Renee to meet him, you'll get another letter. This time, Toby and Renee will tell you that they're going to take Matt for pictures at Simon's Photo Studio to celebrate his growth. They want you to meet them there, so you can introduce yourself to Matt.[2]

Go to Simon's Photography Studio any time after getting the second letter, at a time when the store is open. Here, you will see Toby and Renee, as well as Matt. Matt will introduce himself. From this point on, you can socialize with Matt and give him gifts like any other character. Matt cannot get any older in game.


Gift Preferences
Loved Sunflower, Snowflake Flower, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Orange Candy, Apple Candy, Shining Honey, Cherry Pie, Strawberry Milk
Liked Mussel, Clam, Cherry Shell, Green Herb, Raspberry Juice, Cranberry Juice, Shining Milk, Perfect Milk, Moondrop Flower, Bluemist Flower, Swordfish, Shining Cheese, Banana
Disliked Mushroom Rice, Mushroom Saute, Junk


Fishing with Matt

You must have Matt at three or more hearts to see this event. To view it, walk past the dock on your farmland, going towards the Garmon Mines District.[4]

Matt and your child will be fishing off of the small dock into the pond. Matt will inform your child that there are certain types of fish that can be only be caught in stormy weather. Of course, you'd have to go out into the storm to catch it! As your child brags that their parent goes out in stormy weather all the time, there's a tug on Matt's line. On the other end is a big fish, which makes both kids very happy! Matt suggests that they bring the fish to Renee, and the two kids jump happily.


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