Max is a character in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

Max is one of the teachers at Volcano Town School. He lives with his wife Nana in their small home on the school's grounds. Although his appearance may seem intimidating, Max is actually very kind. Marcia refers to Max as "Mr. Bear." He is very affectionate towards his wife, always thinking about ways to make her happy.

Max is usually found at the school during the daytime in the gymnasium trying to train Lionel or running on the track in the evening. At night, he goes to Masami's restaurant to visit his wife who waitresses there. On the weekends, he and Nana can be seen shopping at the Supermarket. 

After attending the Spring Festival, Max will help in the bridge repair and will tell Life Grain when the repairs have been completed.

There is an event with Nana where she will ask you to help her win the Mushroom Cooking Contest that takes place in Fall. You must collect 100 grams worth of Porcine Mushrooms and return them to Nana.

If she wins the festival, Max will give you Earth Power Sand as a reward.

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