This article is about May, a character from Harvest Moon 64. You may be looking for May as she appears in other games throughout the Harvest Moon series.

May is a character in Harvest Moon 64. She is one of the few children villagers in the game.

She is the daughter of Zack and the granddaughter of the Midwife, Gaya. The Midwife is her primary caretaker, as Zack is often away on business. She is smart and mature for her age, helping her grandmother take care of the home during her father's absence. May wears foreign clothes her dad brought her from other countries. She rarely ever sees her father and misses him.

She spends her weekdays at the school, while she spends a lot of time in town and in the mountains on the weekends. Her favorite gift are potatoes. 

May Affection Glitch

Talking to May will increase her affection to you by 3 and you can do this as many times as you want in one day, similar to the Karen Dog Glitch.

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