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This article is about Anna, a character from Harvest Moon 64. You may be looking for Anna from other appearances in the series.

The Mayor's Wife is the wife of the Mayor and the mother of Maria. In Harvest Moon 64, she was not given a name. In later versions of Harvest Moon, she was named Anna, and continued to be Maria/Mary's mother.

She is usually found in the mayor's house, but is sometimes in the bakery, and is at the church with her family on Sundays. She is often apologetic for the Mayor's behavior and prizes healthiness. She helps her husband during festivals, and will sell tickets during the dog and horse races. Her favorite gift is turnips. 

If the player marries Maria, the Mayor's wife will take over as librarian for the library.


Mayor's Wife Screenshot 4 HM64

Monetary Losses

  • The Mayor will be talking to his wife about spending some of his savings on one of Sammy's sale scams. The Mayor's Wife tells him not to get so down about it, and to keep a happy face on so he doesn't worry Maria.

*Requirements: Maria's affection must be 150 or higher, and the Mayor's affection must be 200 or higher. Enter the South Village screen to see the event.[1]


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