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Meadow Island is an island in Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands.

Available from the start of the game, Meadow Island is the location of all the contest festivals during the year. It is located to the right of Verdure Island.

The island is also the location of the Sun Stone Shrine. On the 10th of Spring, the player and the villagers of the islands will be called to Meadow Island because of a strange voice. When the player investigates the Sun Stone shrine, Agete, a Harvest Sprite, will appear and tell the player about the Sun Stones and the Islands. This is required to start finding Sun Stones.

The player can return to this island at any time, but on festival days Kirk will not bring them to the island prior to the event start. Players can visit the Sun Stone Shrine for hints on where to find stones and to raise Islands.

Sun Stones

The only stone on the island is given by Taro after the Agete Event.

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