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"What's up! You're looking AWESOME."
Melanie is a bachelorette in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village.

Melanie is a interior and apparel designer. She runs her own shop called Melanie's Designs.

Building Chemistry

There is no gift-giving in Skytree Village. The only way to build chemistry is to talk to the villagers every day. Unlike previous games, chemistry will not decrease if you do not talk to someone for awhile.

Melanie can be found in her Grandfather's house from 8AM-6PM or wandering around the town on Sundays.

Fall 15th: Harvest Festival - The player can pick one of the marriage candidates to "Thank". Whoever the player chooses to thank will get a +7% Chemistry increase.

Winter 15th: Starry Night Festival - Talk to one of the marriage candidates and they will pick you up on 15th in your house around 7pm-8pm. Make sure you are in the house. Whoever you ask will get +7% Chemistry increase.

You can increase chemistry faster by doing requests. After each request completed, the percentage will be added depending on the request:

  • Request #1 : +3%
  • Request #2 : +5%
  • Request #1 : +6-7%
  • Request #1 : +6-7%
  • Request #1 : +8%
  • Request #1 : +10%
  • Request #1 : +12%
  • Request #1 : +15%
  • All Seasonal Request : +6%

Chemistry Events

45% Chemistry
Walk into the village square after 8PM on Thursday

65% Chemistry
Melanie will come to your house at 6AM on Thursday.

75% Chemistry
Talk to Melanie on Thursday morning around 9AM.

90% Chemistry
This scene can only be unlocked the very first next day after you obtain blue feather. Melanie will come to your house at 6AM.

Requests: "Melanie's Latest Fashion"

Request #1: 1 Donkey Fur

  • Reward: Cow outfit and Yellow Hair unlock in your wardrobe

Request #2: 2 Wool

  • Reward: 2,000G and opens Melanie's Designs.

Request #3: 10 Softwood Lumber and 20 Soil

  • Reward: 2,000G and Melanie's Designs now carries wallpaper

Request #4: 10 Material Stone and 30 Soil

  • Reward: 4,000G and Melanie's Designs now carries flooring

The main story quest line must be completed to unlock additional quests.

Request #5: 1 Ultimate Wool, 1 Ultimate Donkey Fur

  • Reward: 10,000G, Cute Outfit and Cute Hat (hairstyle) unlock in your wardrobe.

Request #6: 1 Supreme Wool, 1 Supreme Donkey Fur

  • Reward: 10,000G, more drape options added

Request #7: 2 Mysterious Lumber

  • Reward: 15,000G, more wallpaper options added

Request #8: 3 Mysterious Lumber, 2 Mi thril

  • Reward: 20,000G, more floor options added

Seasonal Requests

Melanie's Spring Fashions 1: 4 ultimate wool

  • Reward: 2 Peridot Ore, 5,000G

Melanie's Spring Fashions 2: 10 Hardwood Lumber, 10 Material Stone

  • Reward: 2 Moonstone Ore and 5,000G

Melanie's Summer Fashions 1: 5 Mysterious Lumber, 20 Soil

  • Reward: 2 Onyx Ore, 5,000G

Melanie's Summer Fashions 2: 4 Ultimate Donkey Fur

  • Reward: 2 Topaz Ore; 5,000G

Melanie's Fall Fashions 1:

  • Reward:

Melanie's Fall Fashions 2: 5 Mysterious Lumber

  • Reward: 2 Ruby Ore and 5,000G

Melanie's Winter Fashions 1: 10 Hardwood Lumber, 10 Material Stone

  • Reward: 2 Emerald Ore and 5,000G

Melanie's Winter Fashions 2: 4 Great Donkey Fur, 4 Great Wool

  • Reward: 2 Sapphire Ore and 5,000G
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