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Melanie (メルティ Meruti, lit. Melty) is a character in Story of Seasons.

Melanie is the daughter of the inn's owner, Maurice. She is somewhat girly and truly believes that a prince on a white horse will come someday. With boys with things like promising futures and coolness, she makes herself cute and tries to appeal to them. She is ahead of her older sister, Lillie and often gives her advice on the philosophies of love.


Gift Preferences
Gift Preferences
Favorited Pudding a la Mode
Loved Cooked Dishes: Apricot Cake, Cream Puff, Pumpkin Pudding, Chocolate Pudding, Fruit Punch, Pumpkin Ice Cream, Swt. Potato Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream, Pineapple Ice Cream, Peach Sherbet, Cherry Ice Cream, Banana Ice Cream, Mango Ice Cream, Apple Ice Cream, Grape Ice Cream, Chocolate Ice Cream, Orange Ice Cream, Melon Ice Cream, Blueberry Ice Cream, Soft Serve Ice Cream, Chocolate Drink
Liked Regular Items: Pineapple, Golden Pineapple, Watermelon, Golden Watermelon, Melon, Golden Melon, Pink Rose, Cherry, Peach, Banana, Mango, Apple, Grape, Muscat, Milk +, Jersey Milk +, Zebu Milk +, Strawberry Jam, Pineapple Jam, Watermelon Jam, Kiwi Jam, Peach Jam, Cherry Jam, Banana Jam, Mango Jam, Apple Jam, Grape Jam, Chocolate Spread, Orange Jam, Blueberry Jam, Milk Spread, White Yarn, White Yarn +, White Suffolk Yarn, White Suffolk Yarn +, White Alpaca Yarn, White Alpaca Yarn +, White Rabbit Yarn, White Rabbit Yarn +, Cat Essence, Dog Essence, Animal Magnetism, all animal treats, Glittering Stone, Glass Stone, Pink Diamond, White Pearl, Moondrop Flower, Snowball, Venus Comb Murex

Fishes: Small Sweetfish, Sardine, Small Char, Pale Chub, Willowfish, Icefish, Small Willowfish, Small Trout, Smelt, Killifish, Honmoroko, Small Cherry Trout, Small Crucian Carp, Sculpin, Small Carp, Goby, Small Goby, Sweetfish, Cherry Trout, Marsh Shrimp, Red Freshwater Crab, Koi
Cooked Dishes: Mashed Potatoes, Pumpkin Salad, Sweet Potato Salad, Corn Potage, Carrot Soup, Potato Pancakes, Grilled Pumpkin, Baked Sweet Potato, Boiled Pumpkin, Sweet Potato Rice, Chestnut Rice, Walnut Bread, Fruit Bread, French Toast, Melon Bread, Corn Pasta, Sweet Potato Pasta, Candied Sweet Potato, Chocolate Fondue, Pumpkin Pie, Peach Pie, Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, Mont Blanc, Cannolo, Shortcake, Mille-Feuille, Pineapple Cake, Watermelon Tart, Lemon Tart, Muscat Tart, Jelly Roll, Chiffon Cake, Mango Cake, Grape Cake, Melon Cake, Lemon Cake, Muscat Cake, Chocolate Cake, Brioche, Pancakes, Chocolate Cookie, Almond Cookie, Madeleine, Pudding, Bavarois, Almond Caramel, Watermelon Sherbet, Kiwi Sherbet, Lemon Sherbet, Egg Ice Cream, Monaka Ice Cream, Tomato Juice, Carrot Juice, Pineapple Juice, Watermelon Juice, Kiwi Juice, Banana Juice, Mango Juice, Grape Juice, Orange Juice, Melon Juice, Muscat Juice, Banana Au Lait, Strawberry Shake, Pineapple Shake, Watermelon Shake, Kiwi Shake, Peach Shake, Cherry Shake, Banana Shake, Mango Shake, Apple Shake, Grape Shake, Melon Shake, Chocolate Shake, Honey Shake, Tiramisu Shake, Smoothie

Neutral All items not listed
Disliked Regular Items: all baits, Bell Pepper Seeds, Golden B. Pepper Seeds, Bell Pepper, Golden Bell Pepper, Wasabi, all wines, Dried Bell Pepper, Dried Gld. Bell Pepper, Dried Wasabi, Dried Chili Pepper, Dried Poison Mush., Sea Urchin, Ancient Fish Fossil, Triton's Trumpet, Fish Bone, Honeycomb, Manure

Fishes: Loach, Mackerel, Black Bass, Flounder, Halibut, Conger Eel, Bonito, Salmon, Sea Bass, Large Sea Bass, Beltfish, Large Crucian Carp, Longtooth Grouper, Snakehead, Pollock, Tuna, Large Trout, Moray Eel, Spiny Lobster, Octopus, Horned Turban, Arowana, Anglerfish, Huchen, Eel, Marlin, Keiji Salmon, Softshell Turtle, Red King Crab, Ray, Sturgeon
Critters: all cicadas, all beetles, all dragonflies, Tree Frog, Montane Brown Frog, Red-Eyed Tree Frog, White's Tree Frog, Dark-Spotted Frog, all locusts and crickets (except for Longheaded Locust, Brown-Streaked Locust, Enma Field Cricket, Hard-Headed Cricket, and Rice Grasshopper), all bees, all ladybugs
Cooked Dishes: Cucumber Namul, Onion Salad, Radish Salad, Herb Salad, Potato Plum Salad, Plum-Cucum. Salad, Curry Salad, Plum Vinegar Salad, Herb Soup, Minestrone, Lotus Root Soup, Vegetable Stir Fry, Chop Suey, Sauteed Lotus Root, Shrimp Chili, Vegetable Etuver, Boiled Broccoli, Curry Rice, Dry Curry, Herb Pasta, Spaghetti A&O, Cod Roe Pasta, Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha, all teas

Hated Regular Items: Poison Mushroom, Pepper,

Fishes: Large Loach, Large Snakehead, Alligator Gar, Catfish
Critters: Toad, Goliath Frog, Longheaded Locust, Brown-Streaked Locust, Enma Field Cricket, Hard-Headed Cricket, Rice Grasshopper
Cooked Dishes: Tom Yum Goong, Spicy Fried Squid, Spicy Curry, Grass Drink

Horror Kimchi


  • 1: Hey, Player, may I ask where you're from? Since my family runs the inn, a lot of people come to my house. Talking to them has gotten me really interested in the world outside town. When I grow up, I'm going to go visit other towns like my sister.
  • 2: Player, do you make your own clothes? I make doll's clothes. I play dress up with the clothes I make. Pretty soon, I'll make clothes for you too!
  • 3: Hey, player. Is your farm work fun? It's seems like it would be talking to animals everyday, that's really great. But, do you take care of the animals or grow your favourite flowers in the garden? It's seems like it'd be fun anyway.
  • 4: Player, what do you think of Lutz? That kid seems to study everyday. I understand his zeal for studying, but doesn't he want to play more? Since he plays with me as much as he can when he has free time.
  • 5: Listen, when i grow up, I want to work in other towns like my sister does. in fact, if I can, I want to live by myself! But that means my dad has to be pretty much alone, huh? And that's sad. I know how much he'd miss us. So if you can, you should talk to him. Get to know him. Be there where i can't be. please?
  • 6: When i was little, my sister played with me a lot. There was one particular doll we always liked to pose and stuff. We made a house and clothes for it too! It was so much fun... Even now, I play with that same doll whenever I'm alone. My sister gave it to me. It's my treasure!
  • 7: Hey, [Player]. Did you come to see me today, too? I kind of knew you were on your way. I don't know how, I just had a hunch. I wanted to play with somebody anyway, so your timing is perfect! What do you think? Let's play!
Oak Tree Time

Cassie: Hello, everyone. It's time for Oak Tree Times! Well, we don't really have anything interesting to show today... Huh? Melanie is over there. What is she doing? Though it's unusual, I think I want to talk with her a bit. Melaniee!
Melanie: Ah, Cassie! Hello.
Cassie: What are you doing here?
Melanie: Lutz and Lillie couldn't play with me, so I was just about to start out by myself. I'm going on an aimless journey.
Cassie: "An aimless journey"... That seems pretty cool. Oh, that's right! Melanie, if it's alright, could we accompany you?
Melanie: Yeah, that's fine!
Cassie: Thank you! Well, then today, we'll be showing full coverage of the first day of her journey! What kind of events await us, I'm excited to find out!
Melanie: Well, first off, I'm going to feat my eyes at the restaurant♪
Cassie: Feast your eyes!?
Melanie: That's right! After all, Mr. Reager is super cool!

<At the restaurant>

Melanie: Hello, Mr. Reager!
Reager: Ah, welcome Melanie. Thanks for coming. Yeah, this. Would you like to sample these sweets for me?
Melanie: Sure, I'll eat it! So, what time of girl do you like?
Cassie: (Melanie, you must want that information pretty desperately, asking that abruptly with suck force!?)
Reager: What's my type, huh... Well. A warm and kind person... who'd cook for me.
Melanie: Even though you can already make delicious food for yourself, you'd want someone else to cook for you?
Reager: Ah. It doesn't matter how it tastes, the point is that they put their best effort into making it.
Melanie: I see. Uh, Mr. Reager, At my house, I help lots and am very skilled at cooking, laundry and cleaning.
Reager: Is that so? How nice.
Melanie: Not really...
Reager: Ah, too bad. A customer came. Here, it's on the house. No rush.
Melanie: 'kay.
Cassie: Melanie likes him huh.
Melanie: Yeah, love! If Reager is my fated prince, then I'd be fine with that, though... Mr. Fritz is a nice guy, and Mr. Klaus is so cool. Everyone's a little older. ...Ah, time's already up! I have to help at home! Well then, Cassie, see ya!
Cassie: Ah... She's gone. But these days girls are so precious. Playing on the top of the mountain, playing with animals, drinking tea at cafés, attacking hot guys... She's got amazing vitality. The future looks quite scary. ...So then, shall we return?

Oak Tree Times 2

Cassie: Hello, everyone. It's time for "Oak Tree Times"! Huh, is that Melanie there? I wonder if she's going out alone again.
Melanie: Ah, Cassie. Hello.
Cassie: Hello. Are you just leaving now?
Melanie: Nope, since today Lutz is finished training, and I promised we'd played together, though... While I'm waiting, my dad did ask me to deliver these packages to Reager.
Cassie: Is that so. But they seem quite heavy. Could I carry one for you?
Melanie: Huh, you don't mind? Thanks, Cassie!
Cassie: It's no problem. Well then, lets go!


Reager: Thanks for the packages. They were quite heavy. Here, as thanks, I'll give you some juice and candy.
Melanie: Thanks, Reager! Woah, I love this kind of candy!
Reager: Oh, so you liked it, huh? この間、おいしそうに食べてたからそうかと思ってたんだ
Melanie: Lega ♥
Reager: Oh yeah, I've been working on a new type of sweets, so do you mind helping me by trying them?
Melanie: No, of course not...
Lutz: Melanie!
Melanie: Huh, Lutz? You finished training?
Lutz: Yeah, but you seem like you're busy.
Melanie: Eh, not really... Lutz, are you mad about something?
Lutz: Not at all... I'm going home.
Cassie: (Uh-oh, could it be...)
Melanie: Wait! Lutz! I'm sorry Reager, I'll have to sample it another time!

Melanie: Lutz! Lutz, wait! You promised we'd play together, so why are you going home?
Lutz: Melanie, why are you chasing after me? Yu don't seem to have a problem playing with Reager instead.
Melanie: That's not true!
Lutz: You say that, but he's your ideal prince, isn't he?
Melanie: Yeah, but, I promised to play with you today... Lately, you're always busy training and don't play with me at all, I thought we could at leasy play together... You can't go home. I was looking forward to it!
Lutz: Eh...
Melanie: I always want to play with you more, I just have to be patient... So, let's play...
Lutz: Uh, o-okay...
Melanie: Really!? Ehehe, yaay! ...Hey, you're not mad anymore? You're smiling now... You get mad then happy, weird... Well, okay... Well then, let's play tag♪ Cassie, you're it. Go!

  • step, step, step*

Lutz: What, my heart is pounding. Ha, it can't be... I hear the world............... or is it arrhythmia?
Cassie: (No way! It can't be, Lutz...!)
Melanie: Lutz, Cassie! What are you doing? Hurry!
Lutz: O-okay!

  • step, step, step*

Cassie: Hm, She's pleasant, but she's also irritating... Melanie's a little devil... Well, our time is almost over, but they keep playing. I'll say farewell for this week! See you next week! Good bye!

Oak Tree Times 3

Cassie: Hello, everyone. It's time for Oak Tree Times! This time, I interviewed for favourite colours! Today's guest is the inn's daughter and the weather girl Lillie's little sister...Melanie!
Melanie: Hello!
Cassie: Please treat me kindly today. Without delay, I'd lke to hear what your favourite colour...
Melanie: Sure thing! My favourite colour is white! When I become big, I'll wear a pure white wedding dress and I'll marry a dreamy prince♥ Ha~ wonder where my prince is~
Cassie: Haha, I'm certain you'll find your dream prince. By the way, in town, Lutz is closest to your age, isn't he?
Melanie: Yeah, that's true. But... He's fun, but he's no prince.
 If possible, I think it'd be good if my prince was an older boy with broad-mindedness."
Cassie: Oh, …so not Lutz.
Melanie: What?
Cassie: No, it's nothing! Well then, it seems that it is time for me to say farewell. This week is around this area. Melanie, thank you very much for today!
Melanie: Yep! See you later everyone!♪

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