Other Lines

  • First introduction: "Welcome. Oh, we haven't met, have we? I see... you came here on the farm business plan. I'd like you to give it your best. I'd be delighted if I could help you out as a tool shop."
  • When shown your baby: "Children are great aren't they?"

Heart Lines

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  • 0 hearts: "There's a bar under the explanation of tools, right? If you use the tools well and reach the next level I'll put out new items in my shop."
  • 1 heart: "Using a tool drains physical strength. Be careful when your stamina starts to drop."
  • 2 hearts: "You can use charging techniques when you level up your tools. It helps minimize your stamina consumption. "
  • 3 hearts: "You're attached to tools that fit well in your hand so you can't discard them. Actually, there's a certain place you can modify such tools."
  • 4 hearts: "When you want to improve your life, buy things like refrigerators and cookware. Keeping a supply of food is important, too." 
  • 5 hearts: "I think it's good to make plans without trying to do everything all at once from the start. Everything is done one step at a time."
  • 6 hearts: "It's great to level up your tools significantly, but remember to look after your livestock and people who depend on you."
  • 7 hearts: ""
  • 8 hearts: "Blue at the Sky Ranch...It seems he has Ann on his mind, but I don't know about him."
  • 9 hearts:
  • 10 hearts:


  • Rainy day below 4 hearts: "Somehow I feel like time passes by slowly on rainy days."
  • Rainy day at least 4 hearts: "It's best if you take it easy on rainy days."
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