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Michelle is the newest bachelorette in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

She is only accessible by buying & downloading the New Marriageable Characters Pack DLC that was released on June 19th, 2018. Once you have downloaded the pack, you must then unlock her in the game. To do so, walk to the mountain area once Doc's lab and the hot springs have been repaired. You will get a cut scene where you will meet Michelle. You can then talk to her again at Doc's house.

The assistant of the zany inventor Doc. Michelle has a deep inquisitiveness, and a bit of an odd way of speaking. Much like lovable Doc, she may land herself in more trouble than she knows how to handle.



"Is this for me? I could use it for my experiments... No, I shouldn't. Thank you. I'll keep it for myself!" -Loved

Gift Preferences
Special Whitefish Carpaccio
Loved Seashells , Gemstones, Dairy Products, Food (Except the one that used Vegetable)
Liked Flowers
Disliked ???
Hated Crops, Ores, Vegetable Food Based

Note Events

Note Event 1 Friday - Town Square Time 10:00 Am - 13:00 Pm Weather : Any

Note Event 2 Saturday - Mountain Area Time 12:00 Pm - ??:?? Pm Weather Any

Note Event 3 Monday - Mountain Area Time - 12:00 Pm- ??:?? Pm Weather : Any

Note Event 4

Note Event 5

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