• "Good morning, ___. Your voice has a low tone today. Are you tired?"
  • "Good morning, ___. Your voice has a good tone today."
  • "Hey, good morning! Feeling good?"
  • "Hey, ___."
  • "Good evening, ____. The stars are beautiful tonight."


  • "Listen closely... Can you hear the voices of the bugs and frogs? It's nature's harmony."
  • "If you listen quietly, you can hear music all around us." 
  • "I feel like I can write some good music today."
  • "When I'm writing music, I step outside once in a while for inspiration."
  • "As I walk along hearing the birds sing and the babbling brook, music comes to me."
  • "Unless you walk every day, you'll get out of shape."
  • "I always hike up to the peak of the mountain when I have some free time. It's so much fun to walk along listening to nature's own music."
  • "This is such a nice village. The people and nature are full of life..."
  • "It's no big deal, but take it easy, okay?"
  • On the mountaintop: "I love this place. The view from here is incredible..."
  • Winter: "In winter, the mountain lies in a hush... but the stirring of the wind and the rustle of leaves is a soft whisper of song."
  • Rain: "Rain is one of nature's blesssings. So I let it fall on me with no umbrella."
  • Snowstorm: "On a day like this, you must keep your ears pricked up and listen to the snowfall."

Complete a request:

  • "Thank for all your help! I lack the words to express the depth of my gratitude. Oh, that's right. I've got a reward for all your hard work. I hope you like it."
  • "You've been a big help. I hope I can ask for your assistance again sometime."

Flower Quotes

  • Two flowers: "What kind of music do you like? I like music that seems to play in counterpoint with nature. Come to the Music Festival and you'll see what I mean."
  • Three flowers: "Sometimes when I am playing violin all alone, a strange feeling comes over me. Even though no one's around, I get the sense that I am conversing with someone. 
  • Four flowers: "To write great music, you need a great environment. And this is just such a harmonious environment."


  • Liked: "What, a present? Thank you. It's quite nice!"
  • Neutral: "A present for me? Ah, thank you."
  • Multiple Gifts: "No, you've given me quite enough gifts today, thank you though."
  • Birthday Present: "Could that possibly be... my birthday present? Thank you. It's quite nice."


Flower Festival

"What a pretty flower. A Flower Day present...? Thank you."

Music Festival

"I was really feeling the soul of the music today. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the performance."

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