Million is a character in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

The son of Masami and Gallion. Million operates the Shop-A-Million supermarket in town. Million drives Life Grain around the island and gives him the tour of Volcano Town after his first week at the Easter Ruins. He is a hard working and friendly person who can be found at the supermarket most days, working alongside Lenny.

Million's father is worried that he will never settle down and get married, and will ask Life Grain to give Million a men's fashion item if he ever finds one. Million has complicated love issues of his own, as he is hopelessly in love with Sharon, although she completely oblivious to his feelings. Likewise, Million is too focused on Sharon to notice that his childhood friend Emma is interested in him.

With Life Grain's intervention, however, Million's romantic situation will improve. If Emma is given the Angel Ribbon and Million the Cool Pins before the island is saved, her and Million will get married after the game ends. Alternatively, the Angel Ribbon can be given to Jessica, although the two will never actually become romantically involved. Million will simply state that he has started to notice Jessica now, even though he never did before.

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