Mining is an activity available in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.


Entrance to the Mine

Going to the mines is the fastest way to earn much needed money to buy precious seeds and grow crops & flowers. The clock does not tick once you're inside the mine. So All you need is a hammer and a hoe.

The best method to dig for the next ladder is to dig the perimeter of the room, followed by the next row in. The ladder never seems to appear within a 1-square radius of the previous ladder.

Mining Tips

  • Bring lots of cooked food to replenish your stamina. 99 bread is great but expensive as you need to buy 3 units of flour and 1 of salt to make one bread. The cheapest way is to either make boiled eggs or fried eggs.
  • Upgrade your hammer and your hoe ASAP to Gold (maximum level). The upgraded hammer will take less of your stamina and the gold hoe can dig up to 6 squares at a time!
  • Use save/load trick to save your energy and supplies when you are faced with really large areas. (ie. some lower levels are huge: about 21 x 21...or more!)
  • The ladder usually appears 2 or 3 squares away from the wall.

Lv 100 Video cut scene :

Mine Levels

Level Ores

Starting from Level 1

  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Silver
Starting from Level 6
  • Glass Material
  • Mithril
Starting from Level 11
  • Orichalcum
  • Gold
Starting from Level 16
  • Adamantium Ore
Starting from Level 21
  • Agate Ore
Starting from Level 31
  • Opal Ore
  • Crystal Ore
  • Jade Ore
  • Flourite Ore
Starting from Level 41
  • Peridot Ore
  • Topaz Ore
  • Onyx Ore
  • Amethyst Ore
  • Moonstone Ore
Starting from Level 51
  • Ruby Ore
  • Sapphire Ore
  • Emerald Ore
  • Diamond Ore
  • Pink Diamond Ore
Starting from Level 61 From this level onward, there will be 2 ores per rubble, so 2 hits will be required
Starting from Level 71
  • Soul Gem Ore
Level 100 is the last level The first time you reach this level Rowan will appear and congratulate you for reaching lowest level of the mine and gift you a bonus energy heart.

(This is a ONE time only gift.)

Mine Levels 100
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