Minna de Bokujō Monogatari (みんなで牧場物語, Minna de Bokujō Monogatari, lit. Let's All Ranch Story) is a browser-based and is the only online version of the Bokujō Monogatari series. It was only available in Japanese and is not owned by Natsume. The game is free to play, although like most other free-to-play browser games, player has the option of spending real money for extra items/abilities. This system in the game is called SP.

The game was then turned into Harvest Moon Indonesia, an Indonesian version of the game with additional quests, farm animals, and decorations published by Prodigy Infinitech. It is unknown whether Prodigy Infinitech had partnership with Marvelous.

The server was shut down on October 1st, 2012.

How you used to be able to Register

This is a short guide on how to register for the game (click here to visit their official website) if you don't know Japanese.

1) Click the New Member Registration button.


2) Clicking the button above will redirect you to a page where you have to enter your email. Enter a valid email and click the highlighted button shown below.


3) After that, you'll need to enter some additional information about yourself. The captions will tell you what each field requires.


Select Your Username


Type in Your Password


Re-Type Your Password


Date of Birth


Gender (Male or Female)


Secret Question (for Resetting Your Password)


Answer to Secret Question


Email Newsletter Opt-In/Opt-Out Box

4) Next are the Terms and Conditions. Once you have read through them, check the box underneath the text. After that, click the green submit button. It will redirect you to the account submission page. If everything is how you want it, click the green button again.

5) Go back to the main page and enter your username and password into the registration box shown below. Note that your login and password are case sensitive.


6) You are done! To start playing the game, click the white box shown below above the log-in box. The first time you play, you'll be prompted to enter a Nickname that other players will see while you play.