Mirabelle's Shop

Mirabelle's Animal Shop

Mirabelle's Shop is an animal shop in Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness.

Mirabelle and her daughter Julia run the store after moving to the island on Spring 12 of the first year. After waking up, Mirabelle will come first to enter your house and introduce herself to you before Julia.

The shop is open all hours of the day but will close in Saturday and Festivals. The second room of their shop ressembles their home.Their animal supplier is Vaughn, who appears on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You can still buy animals on the days that Vaughn arrives, as she has animals available year round.[1]

Mirabelle can only begin selling you animals if you have Gannon build the Chicken Shed and the Animal Barn on your ranch. Additionally, you will have to have some available feeding bins. If there aren't any bins available, then you have to upgrade your Barn or purchase another from Gannon.

The animal shop also sells the Milker, Brush, and Clipper tools. Just like with the farm tools from Gannon, each of Mirabelle's tools has a price set depending on the number of Wonderful slots available. In your 1st year you can buy tools with up to 3 slots, your 2nd year will have 4 slot items appear in her inventory, your 3rd year has 5 slot items, and so on.[2]


Item Price
Chicken Feed 10g
Fodder 20g
Pet Food 10g
Animal Medicine 1,000g
Cow Miracle Potion 3,500g
Sheep Miracle Potion 3,000g
Bell 500g
Brush 1,000g to 10,000 g
Milker 1,000g to 10,000g

1,000g to 10,000g

Buy a Chicken 1,500g
Sell a Chicken Varies
Buy a Cow 5,000g
Sell a Cow Varies
Buy a Sheep* 4,000g
Sell a Sheep* Varies

Note: In order to get Mirabelle to sell sheep, you need unlock at least 2 of the male farmer sub-villagers. There isn't a year requirement before the sheep will appear in Mirabelle's inventory, but it may take players a while before 2 of the male farmers will move in.[3]



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