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This article is about Mirabelle in Island of Happiness. You may be looking for Mirabelle as she appears in Sunshine Islands, or for Mirabelle as she appears in My Little Shop.
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Mirabelle (マセル, Maseru) is a villager in Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness.

Mirabelle and her daughter Julia move onto the island during Spring of the first year to open an animal shop. She is a hard worker and loves to care for animals. She does business with Vaughn on Wednesdays. Her store is open until 7PM each day, unless it's Sunday or a holiday. She likes to chat with Felicia.



Gift Preferences
Special Cheese
Loved Amethyst, Alexandrite, Emerald, Sandrose, Diamond, Topaz, Pink Diamond, Peridot, Flourite, Moonstone, Agate, Ruby
Liked Blue Magic Flower, Red Magic Flower, Edamame, Gold Lumber, Fodder, Milk, Yarn, Material Stone, Egg, Toy Flower, Bird Feed, Pinkcat Flower, Pet Food, Mayonnaise, Moondrop Flower, Lumber, Wool, Yogurt, Spa-Boiled Egg
Neutral All other items not listed.
Disliked Empty Can, Fish Fossil, Fish Bones, Bottle, Spring Sun, Summer Sun, Fall Sun, Winter Sun, Copper Ore, Gold Ore, Silver Ore, Junk Ore, Mythic Stone, Mythril, Adamantite, Stone, Stick, Orichalc, Pirate Treasure, Rubber Boot, Failed Dish, Bodigizer, Bodigizer XL, Hungerizer, Hungerizer XL
Hated Red Grass, Orange Grass, Yellow Grass, Green Grass, Blue Grass, Indigo Grass, Purple Grass, Black Grass, White Grass, Toadstool, Red Curry, Orange Curry, Yellow Curry, Green Curry, Blue Curry, Indigo Curry, Purple Curry, Black Curry, White Curry, Elli Leaves, Mix Natto, Fish Natto, Dairy Natto, Gem Natto, Mochi Mix Natto, Red Flower Mix Natto, Green Dumplings, Herb Salad
All Weeds and Treasure


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