The Mirror is an item you can obtain in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town.

It is a piece of furniture that is put in your character's home.


You can obtain the Mirror by buying it at TV Shopping Network. The Mirror costs 1,000G and when it is activated, it will hint on several things; the weather, an upcoming storm and your pet.


There are several 'Haunting' events that go on when you activate the Mirror at 0:00AM.

  • A shadow appears in the upper right corner of the Mirror. The door to the house slams and the player jumps back in fright and cannot move for a second.
  • The door to the player's house slams and he/she jumps back in fear. You can move freely after the scene has played.
  • Activating the Mirror 34 times. After activating it the 35th time, a message appears, reading, "Better stop...or else." The player then looks behind themselves.


  • The Mirror being haunted could be a possible reference to the "Bloody Mary" tale, in which if you stare at a mirror at midnight and chant Bloody Mary 100 times, Mary (the ghost in the story) will slowly walk out of the mirror and snap your neck.
  • The door to the house slams, but the door is presumed closed since you hear it close in the loading screen.
  • Some players have considered this to be the shadow of Kappa.
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