Standing next to a mole in the mine.

While mining in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, you may come across moles that dig under the dirt and poke their heads out occasionally.


Moles are found exclusively in the Ganache Mine, and they will appear on every floor that ends in a 5 (floors 5, 15, 25).


If you see one of these little creatures emerge, you can hit them on the head with your hammer, and if you get it before it goes under the ground again, it will drop an item for you to take.

Items Dropped

Item Use
Mushroom Can be eaten to restore a small amount of stamina, or shipped.
Toadstool Causes you to lose stamina if eaten; can be shipped.
Pontata Root Ingredient in most medicines.
Stay Awake Relieves drowsiness when taken.
Super Stay Awake More effective than Stay Awake.
Bodigizer Restores stamina if eaten.
Bodigizer XL More effective than Bodigizer.
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