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The Moon Festival is a festival in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. It takes place in the Fall season, on the 14th day.

Villagers gather in Flute Fields in the evening to watch the moon in the night sky. The festival takes place after nightfall, from 6:00PM to 11:00PM. It is also the Fall romantic festival. The event itself starts at 7PM and will end at 11PM automatically. If you want to go to the festival early at 6PM, however, you can socialize with some of the villagers.

Inviting Others

If you have a marriage candidate at 3 hearts or more, you can ask them to be your date for the festival.

You will need to ask them to meet you at the festival on


Moon Festival (AP)

Viewing the event with Renee.

the 13th of Fall. Your date will then meet you at the festival for 7:00PM on the day of the festival - don't be late! You can only ask one date, and once you've asked somebody, you cannot change your mind. At 7PM there will be an event that plays as you and your date have a picnic on top of Moon Hill as you watch the moon.

The trigger spot for the event is at the top of Moon Hill, right near the plate that you gather moonlight for the Yellow Bell. The event will automatically end at 11PM, regardless of if you have a date or not.

If you're already married, you will instead meet your family at the festival. Your spouse, as well as any grown up children you have will be shown in the event as it triggers. You do not need to manually walk with your family to the festival. The festival will still take place from 6PM to 11PM with the event triggering at 7PM on top of Moon Hill.

If you want a picture with your family to remember the event by, you may want to walk with them to the festival earlier. Simon will be available to take photos for 100g.


A number of villagers will attend the festival, including: Hamilton, Perry, Owen, Mira, and Julius. Simon will always be at the festival to take pictures for 100g, regardless of who you attend the festival with. There are no shops at the festival.

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