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The Moonlight Café is one of the businesses in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

It is a bar that is run by Duke. When Duke moves into town on the first of Summer, he will open the bar. When the café first opens, Duke hires Carl to work for him. Duke's niece Eve will also move in and help her uncle with the work at the bar. Carl will eventually open up his own café, Cafe Callaway, but Eve and Duke will continue to work at the bar throughout the course of the game.

It isn't open until the evening hours, but many of the townsfolk enjoy coming here for a drink after hours.


Food Cost
Veggie Salad 300G
Steamed Clam 590G
Baked Potato 320G
Popcorn 320G
Pizza 700G
Orange Juice 120G
Apple Juice 130G
Grape Juice 150G
Apple Soda 620G
Very Berry Soda 480G

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