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Moriya (モリヤ Moriya) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

He's the owner of the wholesale store. At his business, he's often stern, and often comes off as harsh to others. As an old friend of the tea dealer Ginjiro, they often spend their evening disagreeing with each other. [1]

Like Moriya had a fiancé who he truly loved but then she took away his fortune and ran away with his money never to be seen again, and thing got a bit difficult when Omiyo came to Tsuyukusa as she just reminded him to his ex-fiancée.[2]


  1. 問屋の主。商売にはかなりきびしいため、相手にもきびしく当たること多い。茶屋のギンジロウは旧知の仲で嫌味を言いつつも、夜はよくいっしょに話り合っている。
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