The Mystic Berry is a special fruit in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature that halves your fatigue rate.

It can be obtained in any year during Spring, Summer, and Fall but not Winter. It is given to you by the Kappa after offering him three Cucumbers by throwing them into the Base of Mother's Hill lake between 11 AM and 5 PM.

You must stand in front of the two trees on the left side of the lake to make this happen. It is different from the Power Berry but just as useful. After consuming, it does not show up on your Summary Screen.

The Mystic Berry was given a new sprite in the PSP remake Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl. This change is only visible in the Girl version; the Boy's Mystic Berry has no visual difference from any of the regular Power Berries.


  • Slows accumulation of fatigue by 50%.
  • Reduces your current fatigue by 1 when eaten.


  • Found at the Base of Mother's Hill. Stand on the edge of the water and toss 3 Cucumbers into the lake. Each cucumber will prompt a response, so if by the first throw you do not see him, you should try another location. Refer to picture for assistance.
  • As Cucumbers are grown in Spring, it is easiest to obtain the Mystic Berry during this season, but can still be obtained during Summer or Fall if you had them stored in your Fridge or Rucksack.
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