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"Nadi's talent for gardening brought him to Oak Tree Town to do landscaping work on the grounds of Elise's manor. Self-described as a man who's not too great with words, he tends to be taciturn, but what he has to say is always sincere."
―Official Website Description[2]

Nadi (ナディ, Nadi) is a character in Story of Seasons. He is one of the eligible bachelors to court.

He is stated to be a landscape worker/gardener with a blunt personality. He does things like pruning and garden-building. He has traveled the world on his own. He is serious and polite when it comes to his job. Although his personality is somewhat rough, he is actually vulnerable and gets secretly depressed after he thinks he's insulted someone.

You can first meet him on Winter 1st, year 1 or later. To unlock his introduction event simply walk to Elise's Margaret Farm between 8:00 to 11:30am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday on a sunny day. He will then stay at room 201 in Maurice's Inn, and work Monday to Friday at Elise's farm. He will stay in town everyday except Wednesday where he exits through the trade depot early in the morning; coming back later at night.


Gift Preferences
Special Grass Drink
Loved Bouillabaisse, Angelerfish Stew, Fried Anglerfish, Eel Bowl, Marlin Steak, Grouper Stew, Mitten Crab Soup, Turtle Soup, Sturgeon Soup, Angler's Luck Potion, Orichalcum Hoe, Orichalcum Watering Can, Mythic Ore Tools (except clippers and milker)
Liked Fish, Fish Feed, Fish Bait, Drink Recipes (except tea), Fish Based Cooking, Rice, Black Colored Cloth+, Yarn, Cactus, Green Jewelry, Dry Curry, Curry Rice, Spicy Curry, Omelet, Turnip Salad
Neutral All other items not listed.
Disliked Crops (except for Melon, Pineapple, and watermelon), Dried Crops, Crop Based Cooking
Hated Golden Crops (except for G. Pineapple, G. Melon, G. Watermelon), Tomato Salad, Mixed Salad, Coleslaw
Horror Summer Vegetable Salad

Flower Events [4]

White Flower - An Unexpected Side

Location: Maurice's Inn
Weather: Sunny

  • Nadi has 5000 FP or more
  • Melanie has 1000 FP or more
  • Not a Sunday
  • Between 19:00 - 22:00
  • Choice 1: Join in.
    • +2000 FP (Nadi)
    • +500 FP (Melanie)
  • Choice 2: The kid likes them.
    • -1000 FP

Purple Flower - What is Nature?

Location: Piedmont Area (via Fritz and Giorgio's farm)
Weather: Sunny

  • Nadi is at a purple flower or more
  • You have seen his white flower event
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday
  • Between 8:00 - 12:00
  • Choice 1: Speak with organized knowledge.
    • -1000 FP
  • Choice 2: Convey your thoughts.
    • +2000 FP

Yellow Flower - A Break from a Date

Location: Nadi's Room
Weather: Sunny

  • Nadi is at a yellow color or more
  • You are going steady with him
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday
  • Between 19:00 - 22:00
  • Choice 1: Wake him up.
    • +2000 FP
  • Choice 2: Wait for him to wake up.
    • -1000 FP

Pink Flower - A Date Invitation

Location: Oak Tree Town West
Weather: Sunny

  • Nadi is at a pink flower or more
  • You have seen his yellow flower event
  • You are going steady with him
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday
  • Between 12:00 - 15:00
  • Choice 1: Thanks. I'm glad you did.
    • +1500 FP
    • Choice A: Yeah, I did want to go.
      • -2000 FP
    • Choice B: I'd rather be with you.
      • +1500 FP
  • Choice 2: I wanted some tea...
    • -2000 FP


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