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Nana is a character in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

She is the newlywed wife of Max. Her and Max live in the small cottage that is on the school grounds. The young couple are extremely affectionate towards one another.

She can be found most days at the supermarket gossiping with Vanessa. During the evenings, she works at Masami's restaurant as a waitress. On Sundays, Nana takes the day off from waitressing and teaches a class on music at Volcano Town School. On Saturdays, she can be seen grocery shopping with Max. 

There is an event with Nana where she will ask you to help her win the Mushroom Cooking Contest that takes place in Fall. You must collect 100 grams worth of Porcini Mushrooms and return them to Nana. If she wins the festival, Max will give you Earth Power Sand as a reward.

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