"Good morning. All are welcome at the church. Please join us in giving thanks to the Harvest Goddess."

"Good morning. May you have a good day, ___."

"Good afternoon, ____. How's the farm going? The Harvest Goddess is with you. I know it will be fine."

"Good afternoon, ____. Have you given thanks to the Harvest Goddess yet today?"


"This church is a sacred place to give thanks to the Harvest Goddess. You're welcome to join us. I'm sure the Harvest Goddess will be pleased."

"I have built churches in many places. I hope the church in this village is a success. I'll do what I can."

Returning from a walk: "We're finally back. I must go prepare dinner. What should we have today?"

Finish a Request: "I'm sure the Harvest Goddess knows of your good deeds... may she bless you! Thank you very much for all of your help."

During a typhoon: "Harvest Goddess.. please protect us all during this typhoon."

After a typhoon: "I'm so glad no one was harmed yesterday. I asked the Harvest Goddess to watch over us."

Snowstorm: "Harvest Goddess... please protect us all during this blizzard."

When shown the blue feather: "Oh, a blue feather? May the Harvest Goddess grant you luck in your union."

Flower Quotes

One flower: "The Harvest Goddess is always with you. Keep her wisdom in your heart."

Two flowers: "Remember to always be thankful for what you have."

Three flowers: "Ah, farming... Raising life from the land... It is truly blessed work."

Four flowers: "All are welcome at our chuch. Please come any time."

Five flowers: "It is my hope that this church will be a place of comfort for everyone."

Six flowers: "The Harvest Goddess wants us all to have happy, productive lives."

Seven flowers: "___, your kindness and generosity shines like a beacon. Oh, Harvest Goddess, give __ your blessing!"


Favorite Gift: "Oh, french toast! I must be dreaming... Thank you so much, ___!"

Liked Gift: "Thank you! Who told you what I like? Was it the Harvest Goddess?"

Neutral Gift: "Thank you for your generosity."

Multiple Gifts: "Another gift today? I couldn't. A priest shouldn't be greedy."

Birthday Gift:

  • Favorite Gift: "Oh, a gift for my birthday? Thank you for your generosity! And it's french toast! This is absolutely wonderful!"
  • Liked Gift: "For my birthday? Oh, thank you, ___! How nice! The Harvest Goddess smiles upon your generosity!"


"Festivals are always so enjoyable. The village I used to live in had many festivals, and they were great fun."

"The Harvest Goddess also enoys watching these festivals."

Cooking Festival

"Today is the Cooking Festival, am I right? Let us give thanks."

Spring Cow Festival

Win: "Congratulations, ___! The Harvest Goddess must be pleased."

Flower Day Festival

"For me? Thank you! Your kindness will be rewarded."

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