After completing the storyline of Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, it is possible to start all over again with a few added bonuses.

To access New Game +, the player needs to complete a request from the Harvest King (AP).

First he will ask you to find someone pure of heart. In response to this you should bring him your children. The Harvest King will tell you and your children about a small island to the east where the power of nature is weak. He wishes to send a sapling from the Harvest Goddess (AP) divine tree there. He explains the sapling must be carried there by someone pure of heart. You are given the choice to choose which of your children perform the task.

Items for new divine tree:

Diamond King Salmon Shining Honeydew Cheesecake Shining Hearty Lunch Box

New Game + bonuses

- an item you gave your child in the previous game

- Maximum Stamina Bar

- Level 5 Tool Skills

- Goddess Watering Can

- Goddess Hoe

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