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Nic is a character in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland.

He is one of three harvest sprites who live in the valley. Of the three, he is the most mature and is considered the "leader" sprite. He and the other two sprites live in a burrow behind the player's farm, although they like to spend most of their time outdoors at various spots in the village during sunny weather. When it is raining, the sprites stay inside of their burrow. They hate to work, but are often asked by the Goddess to help with certain tasks.

All three sprites are only interested in food items as gifts and they all have a weakness for sweets. During certain event paths, the sprites may give hints to the player of what to do next if spoken to. They play minor roles in the Endagered Weasel and Goddess Dress event paths.

During an event where Flak is lost, the player helps Nic and Nak find him. Afterwards, the sprites will award the player with a power berry.


Gift Preferences
Special Mushrooms, Flan, Honey, Yogurt,
Liked Golden Eggs, Cheese, Rice Ball, Soft Bread, Sandwich, Walnuts, Cream of Corn Soup

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