Nick is important when it comes to getting cooking recipes. If you give him cooking ingredients, he will give recipes for your kitchen in exchange. He can each give you one recipe per day, and one can get multiple recipes from the store of him. For example, you can give an Egg to Nick to get the recipe for Egg Over Rice. To get his Sun Stones, you need to learn 40 recipes from him. You don't have to actually make these dishes in your kitchen; just learn the recipes from them. When you learn the 40th recipe, one will be given the Sun Stone.

Nicks diner is a nice place but doesn't have the dishes that power you up like the Cafe. Most of his dishes restore stamina and little fullness. He just takes it and (if it's not food) says "I can't think of anything to make with this ingredient". Just like any sub-villager, he has no birthday.


  • "So you're the rancher everyone's talking about. I'm Nick. Come by any time you've got a craving for some good cooking!"
  • "Hey, [Name]. I've got something for you. You're looking for special stones, right? Well, I found this outside my store. You can have it, if you'd like."
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