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Nick is a sub-villager in Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands.

Nick is the owner of the Diner on Verdure Island. Aside from buying food from him in order to increase stamina and fullness, the player can also learn recipes from Nick.

Nick has a variety of food available for purchase from 6am until 11:50pm every day (except for festivals). Nick does not accept gifts, but befriending him is necessary in order to obtain a Sun Stone. In order to increase Nick's friendship speak to him every day, buy food from the diner and learn recipes. Learning 40 recipes in total is required for a secondary Sun Stone.

Obtaining Recipes

If you try to give him a food item, he may be able to teach the player a recipe using that ingredient. If Nick is able to use the ingredient in a recipe, he will ask you to hand the item over to him. If he cannot find a use for the item, he will say that he cannot think of any recipes that use that particular item. Some food items can be used several times to obtain multiple recipes.

It is recommended to make a save BEFORE giving Nick an item to use in a recipe. Sometimes he will fail to make a dish, which will waste whatever item was given to him. If he fails, you'll be able to reload your previous save. Not only will you keep your item, but reloading the game changes the odds that Nick may be able to successfully make a recipe if he is given an item again.

Nick will be able to give the player one recipe per day. If he fails at giving the player a recipe, he can try many times per day until he is successful. For a full list of recipes and which items Nick will accept, see the cooking recipes page.


  • "So you're the rancher everyone's talking about. I'm Nick. Come by any time you've got a craving for some good cooking!"
  • "Hey, [Name]. I've got something for you. You're looking for special stones, right? Well, I found this outside my store. You can have it, if you'd like."